At EMS, our knowledgeable sales team will go the extra mile to prevent misapplication. We ask the right questions to ensure that the motors and drives you purchase are the motors and drives that you need.

EMS is a distributor for a wide variety of electric motor brands

Our goal is to make sure your motor system runs as effectively and efficiently as possible. There are many different applications that require many different types of electric motors. One of our knowledgeable sales representatives can find the exact motor for your requirements. In addition; we distribute for a wide variety of motor brands including:

Through the use of drives and soft starts you are able to control your motor more that anyone has in the past. Our sales team continually updates their technical knowledge to assist our customers in applying the latest technologies to maximize control and efficiency in their motor systems.

  • Fuses

  • Bearings

  • Pulleys

  • Capacitors

  • Gaskets

  • Brushes

  • Fan Lubrication

  • Seals

  • Slide Bases

  • Conversion Bases

  • Contactors

  • Switches

  • Belts

We offer complete service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!