“Getting you out of trouble as well as keeping you out of trouble”

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Welcome to EMS Grand Rapids, Your Electric Motor Resource Center.

EMS Grand Rapids specializes in AC & DC Motor and Drive service. We offer a complete EASA certified electric motor service center and strive to deliver top quality service with the latest in motor repair and testing technologies to maximize every dollar you spend. As a service to our customers we maintain a new motor inventory.

EMS Grand Rapids works to get you out of trouble as well as keep you out of trouble.


Motor Management

home motor management

We offer a critical motor inventory and management program to help eliminate down time and maximize motor efficiency.


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Aegis Shaft Grounding Ring

home aegis Minimize bearing failure due to harmful shaft voltages grounding into the bearing with the Aegis Shaft Grounding Ring installed by EMS Grand Rapids.


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Core Loss Testing

home core loss testing Using our fully automated Phenix Core Loss Tester EMS Grand Rapids can ensure the integrity of the repaired motor that we send back to you.


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Onsite Service


At EMS Grand Rapids we offer onsite services to limit down time in your production. Our experienced service technicians will trouble shoot and perform minor repairs to help maintain your motor online.


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